Because every fish has its tale.

I would like to invite any and all fishermen to join me on Fishing Guides Home Page for information on fishing guides, and businesses that you may need when you are fishing.

I currently also own which lists hotels and motels all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and many countries. I donate 50% of the income from that site to which helps wounded soldiers and families of those killed in action. I also donate another 25% to which takes physically challenged people hunting and fishing.

If you need help planning a fishing trip, need a fishing guide? Please feel free to contact me concerning any destination.

If you have a large group you would like to take fishing, get ahold of me. I have several destinations, which include, Canada, Alaska, Dale Hollow Lake, Lake Okeechobee, Brazil, and Mexico, and we can find accomodations and guides almost any place in the world for large groups.

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