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Apollo Park Fishing Derby in Lancaster, CA

Friday morning (11/2/07)… Having not been able to come up with any local fishing and not having time to go more than an hour or so away, we had all but given up on getting to fish during the weekend.

As luck would have it though, within the first half hour at the office, I overheard a conversation between two co-workers where one mentioned she was to be in a trout derby with her husband in Lancaster on Saturday.

“That sounds awesome!” I had to butt in… Turns out there’s a bi-annual derby in Lancaster, CA, with a thousand anglers in 3 lakes. Top 10 fish win prizes up to a few thousand dollars. Regardless, this was a must-see.

By the end of the day, we’d arranged a room at the Comfort Inn Lancaster set for some “urban camping” and we were dialed-in.

Saturday, 6:31am… With seventy-four miles, a thirty pack, and 5 hours of sleep under our belts, we arrive on scene. One thousand anglers of all shapes, sizes and intensity levels are pouring into the park.

7am… Gun goes off. Lines go in. Fish bite on!

Four fish total for our team. Size: Large. My two compadres and I each eyeballed them as contenders for our individual personal bests.

All in all, a worthwhile venture. I believe the winner was in the neighborhood of 4.16 lbs.

Next Apollo Park Derby is in the Spring. Will likely be there, but do a better job of sneaking in beers… See video.

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Comment by TroutSlayer on November 8, 2007 at 2:53pm
Count me in for the spring. Should we book rooms at the Comfort Inn now or see if the Super 8's have a better deal.
Comment by Captain Catfish on November 8, 2007 at 4:35pm
Dude, a couple of newlyweds checked in after us. Bridal gown and all. The Comfort Inn is obviously the klassiest joint in Lancaster...


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